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June 27-28 San Francisco

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27. - 28. June, 2018
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Key Buyers Club Basics

What is the Key Buyers Club?

The PCBC Key Buyers Club (KBC) is a VIP program for purchasing teams from builders. It is designed to facilitate private, productive meetings between builders and exhibitors, putting buyers and sellers face-to-face through scheduled appointments. All Buyers and Exhibitors, via our Meeting Planning tool, can request private one-on-one meetings with each other in meeting rooms built just for you. Stay ON the show floor to meet and get business done.

Where is the Key Buyers Club?

The KBC—with its private meeting rooms—is built right on the show floor maximizing your time and keeping you centrally located.

Registration Phase (May 15)

How do I get started?

On Tuesday, May 15, you'll get an email from us at "PCBC 2018 - keybuyersclub@pcbc.com" with a link to the meeting planner website. Simply activate and update your profile. Meeting scheduling will not open until May 22.

Why can’t I request a meeting right away?

By giving everyone a week to set-up their profiles, there will be more participants registered and ready to request/accept meetings when meeting scheduling begins on May 22. Remember to be patient as it may take time for all participants to log in, update their information, and make themselves available for meeting requests.

Meeting Scheduling Phase (May 22)

When can I begin scheduling meetings?

On Tuesday, May 22, you will be able to login to your profile and begin requesting and/or accepting meetings.

Requesting Meetings

How do I request a meeting?

Once you have completed your profile and are logged into the meeting planner on May 22, click on “Request New Meetings” in the navigation bar. Once you’ve found a company you want to request a meeting with, click “REQUEST A MEETING” to the right of their name, add comments to your request if desired, and click “SEND REQUEST.”

Why didn’t it ask me what time I want the requested meeting?

New this year, you will NOT select a time for the meeting when sending a request. This prevents pending meeting requests from blocking meeting room space indefinitely. Instead, the time slot will not be selected until the recipient of the request accepts the meeting. The recipient will then be given meeting time choices that correspond with both their and your availability.

How do I make sure I don’t end up with a meeting at a time I’m unavailable?

The first thing you should do in the meeting planner is to go to “Scheduled Meetings” in the side navigation bar to view your time table. Here you can click on “Block timeslot” next to any times you don’t want anyone to schedule a meeting with you. This will prevent recipients of your meeting requests from selecting a time you are unavailable. Additionally, when you submit your initial meeting request, you are welcome to include suggested times in the comments box. This is no guarantee the recipient will schedule those times (or is even available for those times), but it is helpful information you can provide if you wish.

How long are the meetings I can schedule?

The appointment times are 20 minutes long with a 10-minute break between appointments. All meetings will take place in the Key Buyers Club on the exhibit floor.

Who gets the priority in requesting meetings? Buyers or exhibitors?

When scheduling meetings, it’s first come, first served. And all meetings must be accepted on BOTH sides. So get into the meeting planning software and begin requesting meetings!

Accepting/Declining Meetings

Where can I find any meeting requests that I’ve received, what do I do?

From your meeting planner homepage, you will be able to see “pending requests” at the top/middle of the page. A number in a green circle indicates the number of pending requests you have. Click on “pending requests.” Be sure to “view details” before you Accept or Decline as the requestor may have added some notes to you. Now you may either Accept or Decline the meeting request. If you Accept, you will be asked to select a time slot. It will only show times that are available for both you and the requestor. 

What if I don’t want to accept a meeting, can I just IGNORE the request?

When you get a meeting request you have two choices: accept or decline. We know that the ignoring a request is the default step when approached by someone looking to connect on Facebook or LinkedIn, but this isn’t the same thing. Please acknowledge that you received the request by either accepting or declining it. Trust us—no hard feelings. No analysis. No explanations. Just accept or decline. How long do I have to respond to a meeting request? Since pending meetings no longer hold a timeslot and room, there is no deadline for response, but please try to respond in a timely manner so those that have requested meetings of you can move forward with other requests.

More on Meetings

Can I no-show a meeting onsite if I accept it?

Sounds obvious, but let’s underscore this: You’ve got to check your schedule and show up for the meeting. Once you make a meeting, someone will be at the KBC waiting for you. Please use the same courtesy you’d use for a business meeting anywhere else.


Contact Ann Bivens at 916-340-3326 or Ann@pcbc.com